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Python source code: [download source:]

Defining a Custom Plugin
Test the custom plugin demoed on the `Pythonic Perambulations
blog.  Hover over the points to see the associated sinusoid.
Use the toolbar buttons at the bottom-right of the plot to enable zooming
and panning, and to reset the view.
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import mpld3
from mpld3 import plugins, utils

class LinkedView(plugins.PluginBase):
    """A simple plugin showing how multiple axes can be linked"""

    JAVASCRIPT = """
    mpld3.register_plugin("linkedview", LinkedViewPlugin);
    LinkedViewPlugin.prototype = Object.create(mpld3.Plugin.prototype);
    LinkedViewPlugin.prototype.constructor = LinkedViewPlugin;
    LinkedViewPlugin.prototype.requiredProps = ["idpts", "idline", "data"];
    LinkedViewPlugin.prototype.defaultProps = {}
    function LinkedViewPlugin(fig, props){, fig, props);

    LinkedViewPlugin.prototype.draw = function(){
      var pts = mpld3.get_element(this.props.idpts);
      var line = mpld3.get_element(this.props.idline);
      var data =;

      function mouseover(d, i){ = data[i];
            .attr("d", line.datafunc(
      pts.elements().on("mouseover", mouseover);

    def __init__(self, points, line, linedata):
        if isinstance(points, matplotlib.lines.Line2D):
            suffix = "pts"
            suffix = None

        self.dict_ = {"type": "linkedview",
                      "idpts": utils.get_id(points, suffix),
                      "idline": utils.get_id(line),
                      "data": linedata}

fig, ax = plt.subplots(2)

# scatter periods and amplitudes
P = 0.2 + np.random.random(size=20)
A = np.random.random(size=20)
x = np.linspace(0, 10, 100)
data = np.array([[x, Ai * np.sin(x / Pi)]
                 for (Ai, Pi) in zip(A, P)])
points = ax[1].scatter(P, A, c=P + A,
                       s=200, alpha=0.5)

# create the line object
lines = ax[0].plot(x, 0 * x, '-w', lw=3, alpha=0.5)
ax[0].set_ylim(-1, 1)

ax[0].set_title("Hover over points to see lines")

# transpose line data and add plugin
linedata = data.transpose(0, 2, 1).tolist()
plugins.connect(fig, LinkedView(points, lines[0], linedata))

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